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Local Marketing Plus Search Engine Optimization

It is easy to wish and dream about a successful marketing campaign. However, it is totally a different ballgame to find a marketing concoction that will achieve your objectives.

Look at what Facebook thought was achieving with its video ad feature. It turned out the figures were exaggerated by 60 to 80 per cent. It shows how easy you can overestimate your marketing success.

Local Marketing Plus Search Engine Optimization will take you through the how and why you should be auditing your funnel to achieve a balanced, cost-effective and successful marketing matrix.

Identify your funnel challenges

There is a loud outcry from micro-businesses, startups to giant corporations when it comes to the consideration phase. They are like, “It was all well with the first visit, the second visit was equally uneventful but we lost it to our competitors at the consideration stage”.

This might be happening because you are spending all your energy and dollars on your business awareness. Tons of companies, small and big, are spending fortunes on awareness but very little goes into the consideration and comparison stages.

It is great when you can see where the problem is. Find a solution to it and have a perfect, well-balanced funnel.

Are your investments actually shifting the needle into the right direction?

It is easy to drive all your energies into a single channel. You will get results but it does not mean they are in the right direction. Getting lots of first and second visits are motivating but if that is all you get; that is not good results.

For instance, what is your goal for retargeting? It may be to increase conversion but you only end up with increased website visits. Yes, the visits are great but that is not what your goal is.

Decide what type of marketing suits your business prospects

Balance your resource allocation to whatever problems you are solving

Some of your marketing mix components should be awareness, display, SEO, community, paid search, content and offline activities. Let’s say in your budget you give 20% to display, 12% to paid search, 15% to awareness, 18% to SEO, 10% to community, 20% to offline activities, and 5% to content.

It looks good on paper but does it achieve a balanced effort? If not, you will have to slash some budget allocation and add up to others. And it is not only on budget you should be doing these. You should also analyze your employees. Identify each individual’s strengths and weakness. Put them in areas where they will be perfect as you work to minimize their weaknesses.

Hopefully, this has given you a good reason to audit your marketing mix. The aim here is not to be 100% perfect but to point all your marketing guns into the target you want to hit.